Shipping to USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, & Australia


 **For any questions regarding the return policy or a damaged/lost frame please refer to the return policy page! or Click Here >>Return Policy




- How heat resistant are your products? 

No resin is heatproof, but the resin I use is heat-resistant up to ABOUT 120 degrees F. 

That being said, for ashtrays and things please keep this in mind. The ashtrays are meant for ashing only, not putting out cigarettes, joints, etc. 

- When will I receive my order?!

 I have an approximant processing time for each product in the descriptions. Please keep in mind, each layer of resin can take around 24 hours to cure. When I am working on pieces with several layers, it can take a few days before it's ready. Items on hand normally ship up to a week out & made to order pieces take closer to about 2-3 weeks. 

**If you need an item in a rush, please reach out to me and I will try to accommodate! Depending on the request, there may be an additional charge. 

- My order is lost/says delivered but I haven't received it

I make sure *ALL my orders go out with tracking. Once orders make it to the carrier, it is unfortunately out of my hands. I always do my best to make sure everyone receives their pieces, so I offer shipping insurance/protection through Route.

It is the blue slider right above the checkout button, & is only about $2! It is automatically selected, so if its not included in your order, it would have been manually chosen to be removed. If you package is lost/damaged, please let me know so I can have Route work to file a claim with the carrier! They update me on claim status and to reorder/reimburse based on what the carrier says. 

*The only exception to this are stickers which ship out in an envelope, which is why they ship free:) I highly recommend you leave Route protection on these orders to ensure it can be replaced if necessary since there wont be tracking. 

- I entered the wrong address at checkout

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK SHIPPING ADDRESS! I ship the order to the address that was entered. I unfortunately don't offer reorders, or reimbursements if the address was entered incorrectly. However, if the package is sent back to me, I will reach out to have it reshipped to you:) 

 - **Tote Bags/T-shirts**

As noted in the product descriptions, they are printed and shipped by another company so they will ship separately to any piece purchased.  

- Tracking number? 

As long as you provide your email during checkout, you will automatically receive your tracking number once your order is fulfilled, (unless you just ordered stickers).

If for some reason you don't receive it, please email me at! 

- What countries do you sell too? (International shipping)

Right now, we only sell to the United States, Ireland, UK, Australia, & Canada, but I am hoping to branch out to other countries soon!

If you are ordering please keep in mind the shipping carrier might require additional VAT fees when the order delivers. Unfortunately this is all up to the carrier and I have no control over it. I only offer USPS for international orders because they seem to have to lowest fees, if they will ask for any at all. 

- Do we sell gift cards?

Yes, please reach put to for further assistance.  

- How long until I receive my refund? 

Different payment methods and bank have different timelines when a refund will go through but it is typically 4-7 business days for the refund to go post to your account. For a more specific answer, please contact your bank. 

- Can I cancel/make changes to my order?

Since I try to get all orders out as soon as we can, there is a short time frame when I can cancel/make changes to them. Regardless, feel free to email me and I will do my best to help you!

- Will I receive an order confirmation?

As long as we have your email on file, yes you will! 



Resin is SO much fun to use, but please use it carefully and with proper PPE. I have a link below which glances over the basics of resin safety, but I am no expert so please read the safety precautions/measures that come with your resin. Thank you and stay safe!

Even though its noted resin is non-toxic when fully cured, i still dont recommend using any resin products directly for food purposes. Please reach out with any further questions!

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